ImKa and Kaspars Zemītis: A Symphonic Conversation | LIEPĀJA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA

ImKa and Kaspars Zemītis: A Symphonic Conversation

26/08/2023    19:00
Concert Garden “Pūt, vējiņi!”

Liepāja Summer will reach its peak on August 26, when at the legendary Concert Garden “Pūt, vējini!” the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra, accompanied by guitar player and composer Kaspars Zemītis and singers Renārs Kaupers, Daumants Kalniņš and Elza Rozentāle, will come together in a symphonic conversation with one of the most outstanding Latvian composers – Imants Kalniņš.

The concert will feature the original music by Kaspars Zemītis, including the upcoming premiere of his new work called “Seasons”, and also songs by Imants Kalniņš that are well-known and loved by the audience, such as: “Viņi dejoja vienu vasaru” (“They danced once in the Summer”), “Akāciju palags” (“Acacia Cover”), “Dūdieviņš”, “Elpo” (“Breathe”), etc.

“To me it's important for the guitar to sing. If just notes are played or you can hear its strings being plucked, it's not my kind of thing,” says Kaspars Zemītis, who is celebrating anniversary this year.

Imants Kalniņš is one of the most prolific and popular composers of Latvian academic and rock music, and his music transcends genre boundaries, as evidenced by his rich and colourful song instrumentation and melodic themes in academic music pieces.

Kaspars Zemītis

Renārs Kaupers
Daumants Kalniņš
Elza Rozentāle

Liepāja Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Ainārs Rubiķis

Music by Kaspars Zemītis and Imants Kalniņš

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