Opera gala Liepāja Summer

15/07/2023    19.00
Concert Garden “Pūt, vējiņi!”

In the fullness of Liepāja's short summer, when the sunlight tempts you to go outside and enjoy the warmth and light, accumulating joy for the autumn and winter months full of melancholic moods, the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra will once again invite music lovers to come together in the renovated Liepāja Concert Garden “Pūt, vējini!”.

On July 15 at 19:00 in the upcoming opera music concert to be held in the Concert Garden “Pūt, vējini!”, the audience will enjoy famous opera overtures, arias and ensemble performances.

The charming French soprano Perrine Madoeuf and the charismatic tenor, owner of a brilliant voice Mikhail Chulpaev, as well as italian baritone Simone Piazzola will take the open-air stage accompanied by the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra. 

The outstanding Azerbaijani conductor Yalchin Adigezalov, will take the place at the conductor's desk.

Perrine MADOEUF (soprano)
Mikhail CHULPAEV (tenor)
Simone PIAZZOLA (baritone)

Liepāja Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Yalchin ADIGEZALOV

Specially selected opera overtures, arias and ensembles

The Concert is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, the State Cultural Capital Foundation, Liepāja City.

Tickets are available here