The orchestra will perform with Marta Sudraba | LIEPĀJA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA

The orchestra will perform with Marta Sudraba

On 28 April at 19:00 – in the prime of spring the at the Liepāja Concert Hall “Lielais dzintars” the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra will offer its audience music by two English composers: the classic Edward Elgar and the very talented contemporary composer, Grammy Award nominee Anna Clyne. Symphony No.3 by Johannes Brahms, one of the world's most significant symphonists, will also be performed.

Once again, the Estonian conductor Risto Joost will take the place at the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra conductor's desk, and the cellist Marta Sudraba will be the special guest of the evening.

The young Estonian conductor Risto Joost stands out for his versatility and has gained wide recognition for his work both in opera music and on the symphonic concert stage. The Liepāja Symphony Orchestra has collaborated with Risto Joost many times. Their last collaboration was less than two years ago, when the orchestra has played Symphony No.1 by Jean Sibelius under his direction, and also the “Concert pour Deux Dames” by Rihards Dubra has premiered back then.

Marta Sudraba's name speaks for itself – she is one of the most outstanding Latvian cellists, who was once the concertmaster of the chamber orchestra “Kremerata Baltica” cello group and also a member of the Kremer Trio. Marta Sudraba has been living in Vienna for many years now and she works in the world-famous orchestra “Vienna Philharmonic”.

In this concert, the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra accompanied by the cellist Marta Sudraba will play Edward Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E minor, which is composer’s last significant piece that became a classical music bestseller in the 1960s along with the recording made by the English cellist Jacqueline Du Pré.

Edward Elgar is an English composer who contributed to the renaissance of English music at the beginning of the 20th century. His works are characterized by beautiful melodies with expressive musical colours. In 2011, a Listener Survey conducted by an Australian broadcaster rated Edward Elgar's Cello Concerto as the best classical music piece written in the 20th century.

Whereas, Anna Clyne is a contemporary English composer, described by the “New York Times” as a “composer with extraordinary talents and methods”. She currently is one of the most sought-after composers working with orchestras, choreographers, filmmakers and visual artists all over the world. The Latvian audience will hear her opus “Sound and Fu-ry”, which was inspired by Joseph Haydn's Symphony No.60 and William Shakespeare's “Mac-beth”.

Music by Johannes Brahms, one of the world's most significant symphonists, is also in-cluded in the concert programme, and this time the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Estonian conductor Risto Joost will play his Symphony No.3, which is so-metimes also called “Heroic”.

The third movement of the symphony has been fancied by a number of masters of other fields of art: in cinematography it can be heard in Anatole Litvak's film “Do you love Brahms?”, in Vincente Minnelli's film noir “Undercurrent”, in the 2013 film “Kill your Dar-lings” about Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg's College years and more. In pop music, this same third movement was fancied by Carlos Santana, Frank Sinatra, Serge Gainsbourg and others.

But right before this concert, on 20 April at 19:00 at the Concert Hall “Lielais dzintars”, the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra invites you to enjoy the very popular concert series “Symphony CLOSER”, which was nominated for the Grand Music Award, in person, for the first time. Under the direction of the conductor Atvars Lakstīgala, the orchestra will play one of the most beautiful symphonies of the 19th century, which is Symphony No.8 by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Tickets for the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra concerts can be purchased at “Biļešu Paradīze” ticket offices.

The Concerts are supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, the State Cultural Capital Foundation and Liepāja City.