The Sounds of Liepāja in Rundāle Palace. Concert discussion “A ball in the Palace”

30/07/2022    17:00
Rundāle, Rundāle Palace

On July 30, Rundāle Palace will host the Festival “The Sounds of Liepāja at Rundāle Palace” organized by the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra – this year it will offer the audience four different events with a single themed motif “A ball at the Palace”.

At 17.00 – a discussion “A Ball at the Palace”, the French Garden of Rundāle Palace, the Green Theatre.

In the struggle to survive in an environment full of political and social intrigue, the nobility had to constantly prove themselves through social skills, including dance. In the court dancing became a popular pastime, and dancing skills were mandatory for all members of the noble society. 

Luxurious balls were once held in Rundāle Palace as well. For instance, around 1200 guests participated in the Harvest Festival organized by Count Zubov at Rundāle Palace on October 10, 1802. 

Imants Lancmanis, long-term director of the Rundāle Palace Museum, Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, President of the State (1999-2007), and Orests Silabriedis, music critic, will take part in a discussion about the importance of dance and music in the daily life of the aristocracy and the impact thereof on different significant historical events. 

The discussion will be complemented by the interludes played by Egija Sproģe, flautist of the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra.

The Festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia and the State Cultural Capital Foundation.

There is also a combined ticket available, which allows you to attend all four Festival events at a lower price, compared to buying the tickets to each event separately. 

Tickets are available here